Theology Night



GK Chesterton wryly defined theology as “simply the part of religion that requires brains.”

With the goal of loving God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, Theology Nights at Grace are a time where we go beneath the surface and together seek greater understanding of God and Christianity.

Most of us have heard or asked the question, “If God exists and he is good, then why do evil and suffering exist?” This is an important question that our neighbors and loved ones ask as they contemplate faith in God and the truth of the gospel. It is also a question that many Christians have yet to reconcile in their own minds. How do God’s goodness and the fact of evil and suffering coincide? Why does God not simply wipe out evil and do away with suffering?

Join us April 15 for a Theology Night at Grace Church, where we will explore these and other related questions with guest teacher Dennis Newkirk.